Daniel Coolahan Table top Director and Video Producer

Daniel Coolahan


Daniel is a tabletop director, producer and engineer graduand. His scope is tabletop commercials, demo parts or digital stories, all depending on the client’s needs.  Combining all visual techniques, robotics, styles, equipment and approaches to create stunning imagery with an engaging storytelling quality. He can take concepts that seem inconceivable or too difficult, and we work at them until they become reality. From ideation, by way of design, development & production; his focus is always on creating an excellent result.


We want to show that the film industry is more than just Hollywood. Danny is a food, beverage, product and cosmetics director. He's been shooting professionally for 10 years and counting.


Danny is an engineer graduand with a penchant for inventing. His ability to custom-build a contraption to capture the perfect moment, coupled with his passion for engineering, has led him to create a business out of imaging and capturing those priceless moments.


We can build you anything from a static shot with custom props and decorations that reflect your company’s branding all the way through rigorously tested robotic rigs and cranes shooting high-speed video of your product in action.

So why trust us with your brand?

We’re trusted by hundreds of businesses, big and small, to deliver video results that are creatively inspired, ROI focused and backed by strategic intent. Our proven approach empowers you to connect with your audience, inspire action and develop authentic relationships. We understand that the process is just as important as the outcome, and that’s why we work hard to ensure that you’ll feel supported, energised and completely at ease throughout your entire project.

What they say

From our first catch up Danny continually drove new ways to take our initial concept and transform it into a more captivating project. I was in awe of his ability to marry technical complexity, cinematography and creative vision, always delivered with such easy-going passion. I honestly can’t wait for the next chance to collaborate with Danny again.Ethan McLean – Film Director and Head of Creative @ Milkmoney

Danny brings a level of curiosity and craft that is unique in an often ‘transactional’ industry, with that passion clearly coming through on the end product. The R&D prep and out-of-the-box approach during the shoot day was ingenious, with a structured workflow using the impressive space to its full benefit. I’m looking forward to partnering with Danny and the team again soon.Louis Hu - Creative Director at ‘Joy’

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