Motion Control

Motion Control is really a type of Robotics with a broader field of use and had been established in the film industry for some time.
Motion Control is as the name suggests, the precise and repeatable control of motion at a level of precision, unachievable by human hands.

This can be as simple as a Lazy Susan that can be controlled to a fraction of a degree, to the mechanical actuation of a doughnut tilting on 2 axes while the icing is drizzled onto the exact framing of a macro shot. We offer custom fabrication of motion control rigs to make any idea come to life.

Danny prides himself on being able to create custom solutions to solve the impossible shot. We have a team of mechanical designers, electronic engineers and software developers all on hand to build, test and deliver exactly what your production requires. If you don’t see what you’re looking for on our website just ask. With notice, there isn’t anything that can’t be achieved.